Our Founder


Born and raised in Panama City, Panama, Maria Alejandra inherited her passion for fine hats from her father Galo Pinto de la Ossa.

The Pinto family traces their roots back to the mountains of Otavalo, Ecuador.

Her father was an elegant man who collected and wore fine hats. Upon his passing, he left a collection of his hats to Maria Alejandra that she keeps and cherishes to this day. These hats provide a connection to her father and her Ecuadorian genealogy.

As a psychologist with experience in Personnel Management, Maria Alejandra accepted a temporary expat assignment in North Carolina where she met her husband.

Inspired by her father and her family in Central and South America, she founded Mindo Hats to share with others the finest hats her culture has to offer.




The Company



Founded in 2021 and based in Fernandina Beach, FL, Mindo Hats is a premium headwear brand whose flagship products are Panama Hats from Ecuador, South America.

The name Mindo comes from a town in the Andes mountains of Ecuador where the founder, Maria Alejandra, has many fond memories with her family.

At Mindo Hats, we work with local hat experts in Ecuador to produce the finest handmade, fair-trade, and sustainable Panama Hats.

Maria Alejandra is personally committed to delivering high quality products that best represent her culture and honor her father’s legacy.